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As Matt has shown us in our first team meeting, the first steps of the design process are to define the goals of the project followed, identify problems, and then conduct research. With this page we may be able to coordinate progress on all three of these design process steps as a whole team. The bulleted list shows both the goals and problems we will face. You may click on each bullet to see the work that has been done so far. Everyone can edit this list and contents of each bullet if they feel something has been left out, is incorrect, or not necessary.

NREL started the Wind for Schools (WfS) Project, as part of the Wind Powering America (WPA) Program, with three overlying goals in mind.
  1. promote wind energy education among rural school teachers and students
  2. educate college students in wind energy applications
  3. introduce small scale wind energy to rural communities
To accomplish the goals of the WfS project in Kansas we will be working to install five small wind turbines at rural Kansas schools and one small turbine on KSU property in the first year. If all goes well, more turbines will be installed in subsequent years.
Satisfy NREL goals by

If we're going to get six turbines up and running and accomplish all the other goals of the WfS project we'll have to...