Wind for Schools Brochure

WfS Year One

Presentation for May 2008

WAC Annual Summary Report- 2009

Documents Created for our Schools:

Installation Manual for Run Wind 2.0

Installation Manual for Java JRE

This is a rough draft of the 2009-10 Wind for Schools Request for Proposals

This is a rough draft of our cost estimates for the turbine and tower.
Sample WfS report to a client. Follow approximately this pattern in preparing your final report, but don't worry about wind speed vs time of day or month of year, or about turbulence intensity.

Documents from NREL on our project:

This is NREL's overview of the whole Wind-for-Schools project.

NREL Wind for Schools Statement of Work
Pay particular attention to the expectations listed by year. We are a "WAC".

Request for Proposals from Kansas school districts. This is the form they've been asked to fill out and submit.

Data files

Wind data from Ft Hays State, Feb-June 2008
Wind data from Manhattan, hourly through 2007, with frequency graphs and some instructions on how to evaluate the data.

Local/in-state guides, regulations, and utility forms:

A DOE guide for Kansas consumers, on installation of small wind turbines. Where your average homeowner would begin his/her inquiry.

Westar Energy's interconnection application. You can tell this form is not really suited to homeowner-sized applications, but it's all Westar's got right now.

Wind Assessment files:
Wind speed measurements from a Communications Tower in Greensburg,Kansas

Wind Turbine Info and Manuals

Bergey Windpower's installation manual for their BWC EXCEL turbine. Useful siting information.

Southwest Windpower's downloads webpage includes tower manuals and the turbine owner manual; they're too big to post here. You want the Skystream Owner's Manual, the Monopole Foundation Manual, and possibly one or more of the other foundation manuals and/or drawings.

Other State Guidebooks and Regulations

This is the official guide to grid interconnection in California, and was given to us as an example of how interconnection ought to be done. It is not directly relevant to our particular turbines, but very relevant to the general education we're trying to get on how to install various sizes of turbines, as well as solar installations.

A State-of-California guidebook on installing small wind turbines, with special attention on legal issues such as zoning and permitting, as well as some discussion of siting issues.

Textbooks and Print References

Paul Gipe, Wind Power: Renewable Energy for Home, Farm and Business. Chelsea Green Publishers, 2004. ISBN 1-931498-14-8. $30
Low-cost handbook for a gentle, accessible entry into the field. Directed at the homeowner and do-it-yourselfer interested in installing a wind turbine; includes info on large and medium-sized units but is especially good for smaller systems.

Gary Johnson, Wind Energy Systems. This book is now out of print but is available as a pdf on Dr Johnson's website:

Thomas Ackermann (Editor), Wind Power in Power Systems. Wiley, 2005. ISBN: 978-0-470-85508-9. $170. This one is recommended by our NREL contact and by Mark, at this point.

Tony Burton, David Sharpe, Nick Jenkins, Ervin Bossanyi, Wind Energy Handbook. Wiley, 2003. ISBN: 978-0-470-85216-3. $165 (Wiley). Available as e-book or hardcover.

J. F. Manwell , J. G. McGowan, A. L. Rogers, Wind Energy Explained. Wiley, 2002. ISBN:978-0471499725. $70 (Amazon). The authors are on the faculty at the University of Massachusetts.

There are others; check out the library and post here what you like.

Earth Turbines Software and Manuals

These manuals can also be downloaded directly from NRG Systems. The two relevant to us are the 34-m Tall Tower Installation Manual and the Symphonie Data Logger (NOT SymphoniePLUS).
Please note this file has been reduced in quality. Also this is not the most recent version, which is too big to post here; see the NRG Systems link above.