Site Selection Criteria from NREL

1) Good wind: class 3 or higher

From the wind charts, Concordia is in a Class 3 or 4 wind area. Class 4 is mainly outside of the city.

2) Acceptable site: adequate property size (200-ft dia clear area), metered building within 1000ft, space for elec. boxes

Site Map: Concordia_High_School_Map_markup.JPG
We have selected a spot at the football stadium that is near the top of a ridge. The site is about 660 feet from the high school and slightly closer to a VoTech school that is also run by the Concordia school district. We would like to feed the power from the wind turbine into the high school because the VoTech is not in use as often (there is a higher chance of the turbine producing excess energy if connected to the VoTech). The site is highly visible since is at the football field and it's next to a major road. The biggest hurdle we will face is getting the power lines from the turbine across the street. The street is very new so there is no chance of trenching across it. However, there are power lines running across the street into the school's transformer and there may be conduit containing fiber optic cable running below the road.

We also have maps of the middle and elementary schools, but we did not look at these spots during our site visit because they are both in low lying areas of the town.

3) Community awareness and "pull": desire! A lively local champion (ideally more than one), agreeable local utility and school board.

Wind farm under construction in county: Meridian Way, by Horizon Wind Power (Houston), 99MW PPA with Empire Electric (MO).
Horizon has offered to cover school's costs associated with project.
Local electric coop has been contacted.
Cloud County Community College has an associates' degree in Wind Energy Technology; district is interested in collaboration on curriculum development and possibility of students taking CCCC courses for HS credit.

4) Administrative support at school

Superintendent prepared application; says school board is in favor.

5) Science teacher(s) prepared to incorporate Wind for Schools curriculum

Teacher came to NREL with RDM etc.; is excited about curriculum. Also Superintendent was a science teacher, and has offered to help NEED align its wind curriculum with KS standards.


Installation completed 9/10/08.

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