Colby County Community College Application


Support letter from City of Colby:

Support letters from local K-12 schools:

Assessment by students at Kansas State University:

Site Selection Criteria from NREL

1) Good wind: class 3 or higher

Analysis show the wind class to be 3 or 4

2) Acceptable site: adequate property size (200-ft dia clear area), metered building within 1000ft, space for elec. boxes

Proposed site: East of a new dormitory completed in August 2008; distance of turbine to meter = 350 ft
Alternate site: West of the administration building (within 1000ft of site) ; surrounding trees are not taller than 15ft

3) Community awareness and "pull": desire! A lively local champion (ideally more than one), agreeable local utility and school board.

Support letter from NW KS Wind Collaborative (coalition of county governments facilitating wind development)

Support letter from local wind developer

Support from Sierra Club

4) Administrative support at school

5) Science teacher(s) prepared to incorporate Wind for Schools curriculum

Support letter from Teacher:


Turbine and tower purchased. Awaiting good weather for installation.