Site Location:
700 Albro, Claflin, KS 67525


Green Schools Grant Commitment:

Site Selection Criteria from NREL

1) Kansas Property Eligibility

This address is eligible.

2) Good wind: class 3 or higher

From WindNavigator, Claflin has a 60m average speed of 7.66m/s.

Wind Roses from Matlab:


Note: Wind Rose was generated using Matlab Software, Therefore the uploaded files wind directions are opposite of the actual wind direction

3) Acceptable site: adequate size (200-ft dia clear area), metered building within 1000ft, space for elec. boxes

CHS4.jpg CHS2.jpg
CHS3.jpg CHS1.jpg

4) Community awareness and "pull": desire! A lively local champion (ideally more than one), agreeable local utility and school board.

5) Administrative support at school

6) Science teacher(s) prepared to incorporate Wind for Schools curriculum

Ms Stephanie Baltazor (Environmental Science Instructor)