Circle High School - Towanda, KS

Site Selection Criteria from NREL

1) Good wind: Class 3 or higher

Circle High School Satellite Overview
Kansas Wind Class Map
As seen from the map above, Circle High School is in a Class 3 wind area. Circle is located in Towanda, KS just East of Wichita.

2) Acceptable site: adequate property size (200-ft dia clear area), metered building within 1000ft, space for elec. boxes

Site Map:

Based on the proposal information there may be a few obstructions that we will have to analyze and take into consideration. There is a baseball storage shed located 125' to the East of the proposed turbine site. This shed is 75' closer than the recommended 200' but the turbine is planned to be erected on an elevated plane. This baseball storage shed has a transformer and electrical box that could be used as an ideal grid-tie for the turbine. Then about the same distance to the West is another small storage shed that will have to be taken into consideration since it is within the 200' diameter clear area as well. The main school building is approximately 450' from the proposed site, which is in the requirements of a metered building within 1000'.

The advantage to having the turbine placed at this site is the centralized location near the newly constructed baseball fields. This would allow for community outreach and education since it is in a visible location that the students and community would be able to see on a daily basis.
City Ordinances:

The city of Towanda has a local ordinance banning turbines from within the city limits. Lisa Long, Planning and Zoning Administrator stated that the City of Towanda will provide an easement to Circle High School for the construction of a wind turbine.

3) Community awareness and "pull":

Big A Electric Supply: Randy Thomas, owner of a local electric supply company located in El Dorado, KS has committed to provide the copper grounding rods, fuse disconnect box, wiring and conduit.
T-Electric: Roger Tullis, Master Electrician and Kris Howell, Journeyman Electrician have agreed to make the necessary electrical connections in the building at no charge.
Circle School District: Site preparation costs and curriculum costs up to $2500.00.
Orinoco Wind and Solar : David Taylor, Owner Orinoco Wind and Solar Energy will do initial site survey and install the wind turbine for base cost.

Circle School District views the wind turbine as an asset for the community, for students and Butler County.

4) Administrative support at school:

Jim Keller, Superintendent
Dr. Robert Grassino, Assistant-Superintendent
Todd Dreifort, Circle High School Principal
Science Department, Circle High School
Kris Howell and Roger Tullis, Electrician and Master Electrician
Sara Jones, Energy Manager

5) Science teacher(s) prepared to incorporate Wind for Schools curriculum

Trey Harrison, Lead Curriculum Developer

Trey Harrison and other teachers from Circle High School will adopt curriculum from the National Education Energy Development Program (NEED). Curriculum from NEED has been nationally recognized for accurateness and advocacy of wind power. Lower grade levels will learn about energy principles, energy conservation and renewable energy generation through the same NEED curriculum.

Science teachers will also teach high school students all the inner workings of the turbine construction, main features and electric generation capacity. These students will then be able to provide tours for younger students and teachers in the district and any other school who wants to tour the turbine.
Website Plans:

Circle Science Department will keep a website with live streaming data as part of an effort to promote the STEM program and to further educate the community. On this website, energy data for Circle School District, ongoing conservation programs and renewable energy generation can be obtained from the wind turbine. In addition to the added NEED curriculum they will be posting state opportunities for training and participation in conservation and student projects. The website will be a hub for resources in the Circle School District to support ongoing projects and conservation efforts.


Current wind turbine schedule and progress: