The original Wind for Schools document sent out for 2008.

Map of KSU-NREL Site Visits
October 10-11
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Possible Site Locations
Map of Possible Sites

Below are links to the documents submitted so far for the 2008 Wind for Schools Programs.

Pretty Prairie, KS (USD 311, Reno Co)

Centralia, KS (USD 380, Marshall Co)

Lindsborg, KS (Smoky Valley, USD 400, Saline/McPherson Cos.)

Alma, KS (USD 329, Wabaunsee Co.)

Deerfield, KS (USD 216, Kearny Co.)

Blue Valley Schools, Randolph, KS (USD 384, Riley Co.)

(c) Rolla HS, Rolla, KS (USD 217, Morton, Co.)

(c) South Barber District, Kiowa, KS (USD 255, Barber Co.)

(c) Greenbush

Selected for first-round turbine
(w) wait; request fully detailed proposal for consideration in second round.
(a) poor wind: await query of available wind data and potentially install anemometer arrangement until second round.
(b) potential site for bigger turbine; await queries into possibilities.
(c) 2007 Applicant

Site Selection Criteria from NREL

1) Good wind: class 3 or higher
2) Acceptable site: adequate property size (200-ft dia clear area), metered building within 1000ft, space for elec. boxes
3) Community awareness and "pull": desire! A lively local champion (ideally more than one), agreeable local utility and school board.
4) Administrative support at school
5) Science teacher(s) prepared to incorporate Wind for Schools curriculum

Site Visit Procedure

Checklist for Site Visits
0) if possible arrange for school facilities/maintenance staffperson, local champion and local electrician and/or utility person to be present during site visit.
1) identify any/all high open areas suitable for turbine
  • at least 150 ft from buildings and significant trees (200 ft better)
  • no further than 1000 ft from electrical connection to building load
  • away from student traffic and temptation to climb/play on
  • if guyed tower, 70-ft-square footprint
  • agreeable to host officials
2) obtain 360-degree photographs from all potential turbine positions (stand on pole footing and pivot)
3) obtain photographs and descriptions of potential electrical connection (may need to be near meter; in building may need to be near existing circuit panel.)
3) discuss WfS power system brief with host officials and leave copy with host. Make note of any anticipated difficulties.